Online poker Fingers Search rankings: Precisely what Is better than Exactly what with Texas holdem | PokerNews

Online poker Fingers Search rankings: Precisely what Is better than Exactly what with Texas holdem | PokerNews

They also kept “King of Comedy” in the theaters for just one week. Long story short, I had films that were in theaters for less than four weeks. Netflix promised to release it three to four weeks in advance and keep it in theaters after putting it on digital.

– I want to tell the story visually clearly and clearly, without exaggeration. In other words, I wanted to shed the excess and tell the movie like a novel. There was no obligation for 2-2 and a half hours given by the cinema. Anyways! Now let’s get to the main issue; “The movie should be watched in the cinema” … My priority in this project was to be able to make the movie. We are experiencing a revolution in cinema. Now there are more possibilities to make movies, more ways to tell stories. Cinema is a visual art. Young people perceive it differently. They enter a different world at the push of a button. I do not belong to that world. I don’t want to be close to that world either.

The definition of cinema is changing. Some things shock me too. Movies are shot on the phone and we cannot resist this new form.

◊ Speaking of redefining cinema, you ignited a new debate by saying “Marvel movies are not cinema”. Why did you make such a comment?

– Cinema was created in this country (America) and France at the same time. Cinema is arguably one of the greatest, greatest, most extraordinary art branches. Since the beginning, the world has changed, communication has changed, and art has also changed. Superhero movies have begun to increase and capture the cinematic experience over the past few years. Do you think there is a place in movie theaters for our movies, movies that tell about people?

– Yes! I didn’t say superhero movies are bad. Yes, entertaining movies. Yes, movies that attract the audience. Yes, movies that fill movie theaters. Halls have to make money too. I understand!

“Singing in The Rain” is real cinema. Cinema in “Moonlight” made a few years ago. Do you want to make a superhero movie? Do! Have a nice trip. Let them do the biggest toll booths. But please don’t say “it made the biggest opening in the history of cinema” for those films.

They could make the biggest opening at the box office, but not in the history of cinema. These two are separate things. For this reason, the business turned into putting the superhero movie to the theaters every two months. What about art?

When I say art, “Oh old man, what will our children watch in the cinema!” they say. In my childhood Hitchcock movies were box office movies. I remember watching “Psycho” on the third day of its opening at the DeMille Movie Theater in New York. It was an amazing experience. Now … what’s the difference between Hitchcock movies and superhero movies?

– If you watch Hitchcock movie 10 years later and 20 years later, you learn something new every time. You connect with yourself. Because those films tell about our weaknesses, weaknesses, insanities, failures, dilemmas, and spiritual conflicts. Not only does the good guy kill the bad guy and save the world

I repeat; superhero movies can be made very well. But young people need our stories to understand human and life experience.


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