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In China, the world’s largest casino was opened to investment 2.4 billion dollars in Macau. 870 Gambling Table, Casino with 3 Thousand 400 coins machines; A theater is located in the complex consisting of a theater, a 15 thousand stadium and a 350 store shopping center.

The Macau, which was considered to be the new Las Vegas, Macau has drew a $ 15 billion casino investment.

From China’s private management regions, Macau was opened in the world’s largest casino (casino) with investment of 2.4 billion dollars. Macau with 500 thousand populations wait 26 million tourists in 2007, the city is nominated to be the world gambling center. The Venetian Macao with Venetian channels is difficult to find their directions even. The Venetian Macao complex with casino-resort and shopping mall is also aiming to be Asia’s largest entertainment center. The property has 3 thousand rooms, a theater, a 15 thousand stadium, 350 stores. The casino has 870 gambling table, 3400 coins machine. It is also planned to remove the number of coins machine 6 thousand.

12 Billion: The CEO of Las Vegas Sands, who runs Venetian Macao, said SHELDON ADELSON, “This is just a beginning of my dreams.” Adelson also told Macau’s Cotai Strip in the area of ​​$ 10, which offers 20 billion bed capacity with $ 12 billion in investment in the Cotai Strip region. To date, it is calculated that casino investments in the country are over $ 15 billion.

Asia’s Las Vegas: Macau is characterized as “Las Vegas of Asia is created”. Steve Wynn, based on Las Vegas in Macau, and the Australian Crown also the casino. It is known that Macau just aims to be Asian not the world’s new casino center. The income in which Macau obtained from casinos last year was over 7 billion submission.

Opened in 2001: In 2001, Macau had had an interest in foreign gambling after liberating the monopoly casino market dominated by Stanley HO. Las Vegas Sands had been the first American company to invest in the country in 2004. The President of Las Vegas Sands, William Weidner, since 2001, he noted that the growth in the area of ​​casinism in the country in the country. Macau is asked to spend time in the country when the visitors get up with the gambling tables by combining the explosion of the casino.

Macau, the colony of Portugal 422 years, so there was the oldest European colony in East Asia. Macau’s economy is based on tourism and casino, located in China’s private management with Hong Kong. Since 1850, it was one of the most important sources of income in this country while the country is licensed in the country. In the 1960s, 50 percent of the country income from casinos. Since 1962, casino operation in the country could be held under the monopoly license given by the government.

The population of only 500 thousand Macau has visited 22 million tourists last year. In 2007, the number of tourists in the number of tourists, the country is preparing to accommodate 26 million visitors. The 70 million people, 23 million tourists came to Turkey last year. While the year 2007 was expected to go better, the number of tourists will be around 25 million.

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